Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Tribute to Nagi Noda (RIP)

It's such a deep shock for me, knowing that one of my favorite art director was already gone. Nagi Noda, 34-years-old art genius passed away after surgical complications from injuries sustained in a traffic accident the previous year. And shame on me, I just knew this devastating news just a while ago. I've been adoring her works from a year ago (from the first time that Scissor Sister - She's My Man video clip came out) and still... my breath always gasping whenever I see her artworks. Knowing that she has gone forever, my heart wrenched, gee! she was only 34 years old, God why don't just give her more time to create more wonderful works that everyone would love to love. Well, and I hope she may rest in peace...

Here are some artworks of her:
Her last video that she had directed, and as a tribute to her I used this song as my blog's song

The first video that caught my eyes a year ago.

Animal Hair Hats
This project was made with Kenneth Cappello (Yeah, I'm talking about "that" Kenneth, professional photographer based in LA & NY. Diane von Furstenburg, Urban Outfitters, Men's Vogue, Fall Out Boy, The Kills, The White Stripes, Chloë Sevigny, yeah-you-name-it are some of his clients)
Click to enlarge

There are so much more of her incredible works, you can check out at her official website:, like Horror Café, Hanpanda, et cetera, and I know soon after you flick it you'll love to adore her works and regretting why she died in early age.

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astarini said...

those hair hats are supeeeerbs !
thanks for putting them on your blog