Sunday, September 14, 2008

H&M Spree

I just got home from University Village (an open air shopping center at north downtown Seattle, near University of Washington and very near to my parent's rent house, or like Paris van Java in Bandung for your picture).
And there it is... my shopping paradise, may I present you... H&M and their breathtaking Autumn 2008 collection. Since I already have coats. So I just bought a grey bag for only $19.99, mustard yellow beanie $9.99, turquoise knit handgloves, and waisted dark grey jeans $29.99. But still I want those coats for sure. Oh myyyy they are fabulous! My mom stopped me from shopping madness and nag me about living cost here. So umm... that's all I bought at H&M. I just can't help myself to wear those for next fall, as soon as possible, because it's still summer (though for me it is not summer afterall, for me the weather is very cold in compare to Jakarta *ehmm yeah... of course). Next time when I get there again, somebody, pleaseeee help me from shopping madness? Por favor...

The picture is from Garance Doré

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