Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am very very tired today, I went to the Northgate Mall and University Village (again) in a row with Metro bus. No wonder, I get exhausted right now. I went there with my hostmate, Helen and she's from Shanghai and both of us go to the same college.

So, OK back to the topic... Fall is near and I still searching for yellow-sunshine opaque and purple-maroon opaque. We went to Macy's at Northgate Mall and also Target just across the street from the mall. But I still can't find the opaques with those colors everywhere. Blaaarrrghhh, bollocks! But I found a pair of good boots with special price also just in case for next Winter, well I didn't buy the boots actually, I'll save it for later. Afterall the boots are not the one that I was looking for, I was looking for the boots that similar to Oxford shoes, yeah something like that.

First thing first. I was trying to look for the opaques at H&M in U Village but I don't have much time since Helen and I have to buy food containers and laundry bags at Bartell, and we've promised Mrs. Querol (my host mistress) to get home around 7 PM. Maybe I'll check on it later at weekend.

Me want them so badly!
Oh, where are youuu?

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