Friday, August 15, 2008

Dim Mak Collection and Other Rag Enterprise

Just a view minutes ago, I was browsing through Dim Mak's website and the first thing that caught up my eyes is the word "Indonesia". Surprise, surprise! It was so fucking rare to find Indonesia, listed in international electro scene's websites. I was curious about it, and hell my internet speed was very slow, grrr! I have downloaded The Presets' recent mixtape; Get Off the Beach (yikes, 92.6 MB!) for two hours now, and I'm going insane, groarr! And here the news goes...

Thursday, August 14, 2008
This week we are spotlighting ORE (Other Rag Enterprise) in Indonesia, the first and only shop out there carrying Dim Mak Collection!

Here's some screenshots of DMC from their website:
If you're currently or ever in Indonesia, stop by, say hi and pick up some Dim Mak tees!
Pandan 1 A, Surabaya, Indonesia
Ph. +62 31 5323231
Posted by ANDREW DMC at 12:27 PM

Wizard! I was so excited about the news, although the store is located in Surabaya. I'm glad Steve Aoki's collections are finally got here. Not bad, huh?

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