Saturday, January 31, 2009


Wearing a big blue woolly jumper with an orca whale stitched on the front.
Standing on your window ledge, black knees, biting down on acid pops.
And your mamma kept shouting for you to come down, come down, she said.
She said you do this all the time.
Yesterday it was the greenhouse, you ruined all the tomatoes.

How did it feel?
How did what feel?
Falling through glass.
Turned into diamonds.
Did it hurt very much?
Only a little.. my hands. I have lots of tiny cuts, they look like Soldier Ants marching home.
How did it feel?
Like flying.


Anonymous said...

Cool video:D

peaitlreiecnia said...

everytime i visit your blog, i remember how i fell in love with all the cool things you post lol

hope you had a nice day

July Girl said...

Nice :)

Marsha said...

Thank you everyone :)

avputries said...

you have a fabulous blog and you are tagged :) (go check my blog for details)