Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Inside Scoop on Van She

Those guilt-free pop purveyors are poised to kiss every ear with another taste from their forthcoming album 'V' due out August 9. Changes, takes the obvious step into the realm of blissed out rock joy, filled with the typical Van She escapement and shoegazer wisdom we have come to know and love.

In preparation for the LP release, the band have also recorded + mixed their very own mixtape of some of their favourite tracks from today and yesteryear that have come to influence their new record in some way, making it an eclectic journey that buzzes at every corner.

For free Van She, "Strangers" single re-work mixtapes - click here!

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Price: $19.99 (AUD)
Estimated dispatch date: 8 August 2008

Track listing
Disc 1:
1. Memory Man
2. Cat & The Eye
3. Changes
4. Strangers
5. It Could Be the Same
6. The Sea
7. Virgin Suicide
8. Temps Mort
9. Talkin
10. Kelly
11. Sharp Knife
12. Sunbeams

Anyway, you should take a peek on their new (re-vamped) Van She website.

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